September 18

X years Think Architecture! We celebrate another successful five years together with our clients, business partners and employees. We want to express our sincere thanks for the great cooperation and look forward to implementing future projects with the same passion as we did the past 10 years.

August 18

Archithema publishes the book «das beste Einfamilienhaus 2018», we are part of it with Five Patio Houses Meilen.

July 18

Celebration of 10 years Think Architecture on September 6, 2018!

June 18

Article about House B published @ «Ideales Heim Bäder Spezial».

April 18

Our preliminary project Cross House is finished. With this project we won the first price at a selected competition entry. 

April 18

Park Books publishes «House Tour: Views of the Unfurnished Interior». We are represented with several projects. 

April 18

Exhibition of «Das beste Einfamilienhaus 18» @ Swissbau Basel. Happy to be part of it with our project Five Patio Houses.

March 18

The conversion/extension of House B with private Spa is completed.

March 18

The construction permit for Neumatt Park with 112 Apartments is approved.

February 18

Project study for 5 Splitlevel Townhouses

January 18

«CUBE» magazine publishes article incl. cover picture about House on a Ridge.  

January 18

Nominated for «Das beste Einfamilienhaus» with Five Patio Houses. We are super happy about it and we are looking forward to the magazine publication in March of «das ideale Heim» with all nominated projects as well as the book publication around June.

December 17

Construction of House for an Art Collector is completed.

December 17

«SAM Schweizweit» exhibition presented by arc en rêve centre d’architecture Bordeaux.

September 17

«SAM Schweizweit» exhibition @ AITArchitektur Salon Munich.

September 17

Our awarded project Five Patio Houses is represented in the book publication «best architects 18».

September 17

«best architects 18» award winner with Five Patio Houses. We are looking forward to the book publication in autumn followed by an international exhibition.

May 17

We have won 1st price at a selected competition with House in a Park. Construction starts in May 2017.

April 17

Selected competition 1st price with House at a Vineyard. Construction has just started. 

February 17

Realization of House on a Ridge is done.