October 23

Award Trophy Best Architects 24 for the projects Casa Grusaida and House next to the Church. Extract from the jury report: "The "best architects award" is one of the most prestigious architectural awards and is an indicator of architectural development in the top segment. Since its inception, the "best architects" award has been regarded as a seal of quality for outstanding architectural achievement. It positions the award-winning architects and architecture firms at the top of the international architecture scene."

September 23

Award "Residential Building of the Year" for our project House next to the Church.

July 23

Two times awarded this year! Very delighted winning the «best architects 24» award for House next to the Church. It will be part of the award book publication released in autumn.

July 23

We are very excited about the «best architects 24» award for Casa Grusaida! The award book publication will be released in autumn.

October 20

Very happy to win the «Häuser des Jahres» award with House at a Vineyard

August 20

Best Architects 2021 award for House at a Vineyard. Very happy to be selected again - stay tuned for more pics!

September 19

Award winner with House in a Park. So proud winning the only «Auszeichnung» of «Häuser des Jahres 2019» with our project!

January 18

Nominated for «Das beste Einfamilienhaus» with Five Patio Houses. We are super happy about it and we are looking forward to the magazine publication in March of «das ideale Heim» with all nominated projects as well as the book publication around June.

September 17

«best architects 18» award winner with Five Patio Houses. We are looking forward to the book publication in autumn followed by an international exhibition.

April 16

It’s a great pleasure that we belong to the finalists of the award «Das beste Einfamilienhaus 16» with our Courtyard Houses project. The book including all projects is available at Archithema Verlag or specific book shops.

September 15

The international award «Häuser des Jahres 2015» recognizes our project House along the Forest. A book publication containing the selected projects will follow. 

September 15

Extremely pleased to win the «best architects 16» award with our project Glattpark Mitte. According to the international jury the competition was never as tough as this year, since projects from all over Europe could be sent in for the first time. This makes our price even more precious and we are very delighted about our fifth «best architect» label within the last four years.

September 14

Highly delighted winning the price «Häuser des Jahres 2014» with our Courtyard Houses project. Out of 255 sent-in projects from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, an international jury rewarded four of them with this special award.

September 14

We are very excited about winning the «best architects 15» award with Monolith 1. It’s already the third year in a row that we have been awarded. Projects have been sent in from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy and have been selected by an international jury.

September 13

«best architects 14» - in Gold! Super proud to win the coveted gold label «best architect 14» award with our Courtyard Houses project. An international jury rewarded the best projects of all German-speaking countries. Nine out of 455 sent-in projects have been awarded with this gold label.

November 12

We are very happy being nominated for an «arc award» in the category «Umbau Einfamilienhaus» with our Roof Addition project.

November 12

So happy winning the audience award of «Der beste Umbau 2012» with our Roof Addition project.

September 12

We are extremely happy to win the second «best architects 13» award this year with our Lake Davos Residential project.

September 12

Two times awarded! We are so excited and delighted to win the «best architects 13» label two times this year! An independent and international jury awarded the best projects from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. It’s one of the most prestigious awards in the architectural scene and we are super happy to win it with our Roof Addition project in the category housing construction/private houses.